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Finding Life Balance In Property Management

July 28 2017

Finding Life Balance In Property ManagementProperty management careers provide an amazing opportunity to find life balance in your life. Careers in property management are unique because they are not a typical nine-to-five job. With the right mindset, achieving work-life balance in this career should not be an issue. Consider these tips to help you continually find the life balance you seek as a property manager. 


As you strive to make residents happy, you are going to want to do everything you can to help with any issues they are having. But not everything needs to be solved at the midnight hour or when you are out on date night with your spouse. Some resident issues can be addressed a day or two later. If you seek to solve every problem the moment you hear about it, you will drive yourself crazy and lose any hope of a work/life balance.  

Create, And Adhere To, A Schedule 

Just because the job typically does not have conventional hours does not mean you can’t seek to set some hours for yourself. If you know you are going on vacation or are going to be unavailable a certain day of the week, communicate this to your residents. Tell them when you will not be able to be reached, and instruct them to call if it is a dire emergency if you so choose. You can also direct them to a point of contact to whom they can reach out to whenever you are absent. 

Have A Reliable Fallback 

The point of contact that you direct your residents to should be considered your “fallback.” The person or team that you choose as your fallback should be reliable and trustworthy. Your residents should feel comfortable communicating with them, and you should feel comfortable knowing they will properly address any issues that may arise.