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Finding A Career With Work-Life Balance

July 7 2017

Finding A Career With Work-Life BalanceToday’s world has become more and more hectic. We are constantly on-the-go, with a phone in our hand. It is more important than ever to promote a healthy lifestyle and find life balance in your career. Fortunately, the property management industry offers this! 

What Is Work-Life Balance? 

Work-life balance is exactly what it sounds like – it is prioritizing a balance between your career development and your lifestyle. In today’s world, there is a constant pressure to be at the office longer. Recently, 94% of working Americans said they spent more than 50 hours per week at their job, while half said they worked more than 65 hours per week. Work-life balance is about finding time for the things you enjoy – whether that be going to the gym, spending time with your family, going on an outdoor hike, watching a movie, or any other hobby that brings you satisfaction.

Why Is Work-Life Balance Important? 

Not achieving work-life balance can have detrimental effects on your health. Feeling unaccomplished at the end of the day, especially after last ditch effort to get everything done, can lead to elevated stress levels. This, in turn, can make you irritable, depressed, or angry. Stress can also weaken your immune system, making you more susceptible to illnesses and sickness. Chronic stress can double your risk of having a heart attack. 

Property Management Careers

A career in property management has consistently been ranked as one of the happiest jobs in America. The job itself can be rewarding, because of the relationships constantly being built when meeting new people. But, perhaps, more importantly, property management careers offer flexible hours. The ability to set your own schedule can be vital for achieving life balance. If you are struggling to find work-life balance in your current job, consider a career in property management.